Successful projects and work results in the following areas:

Successful projects and work results in the following areas:

Management SME in the field of machinery and plant engineering, approx. 250 employees.
Set-up of a system business for flexible manufacturing systems, 9-fold increase in sales revenue to approx. 45 million € within 5 years. Improvement of the KPI “turnover per employee” by factor 4.5 while at the same time increasing the operative result by 9 % in the field engineering.

Project management
Successful management of numerous customer projects in the field of machinery and plant engineering with worldwide locations. Customer-specific, turnkey production plants with technologies for: assembly and testing, robotics, laser cleaning, laser welding, thermal joining, ultrasonic testing etc.

Project management / development
Successful management of numerous development and research projects from the product idea to the creation of prototypes, acting as initiator and coach during the entire construction phase. The developments mainly concerned equipment and machines for production technology such as:
- Highly integrated laser welding system for the production of gear wheels
- Process modular production system for assembly and testing technology
- Robot cells to link machine tools and integrated processes

Development Manufacturer of innovative production technology, approx. 800 employees.
Development of process modular assembly system protected by patents and organization of a business unit with P&L responsibility, business volume 4 million € within 3 years. According to the manufacturer “The world’s most flexible platform for assembly and functional testing“.

Project management
Implementation of a professional project management in different medium-sized enterprises to ensure a scheduled settlement (function, date, costs) of turnkey production plants for international customers. Set-up of the entire process flow from order placement to final acceptance of plants at customers’ worldwide.

Management / Development SME in machinery and plant engineering, approx. 120 employees.
Expansion of the product portfolio in the field of automation and initiation of strategic partnerships via S.T.E.P. resulted in a significant increase in sales.

Project management SME in machinery and plant engineering, approx. 250 employees.
Set-up of a PM shop floor and regular meetings with all departments involved to monitor the progress of the project. Development and introduction of a PM logbook as a central reporting tool for the company management.

Lean Production SME in an international company group, approx. 5000 employees worldwide.
Group-wide streamlining of the portfolio for production and technology locations in Sweden, Slovenia and Germany. Significant reduction in manufacturing costs due to less product variants and higher quantities of identical parts at various technology locations.

Lean Development SME in machinery and plant engineering, approx. 250 employees.
Development and installation of a configurator for an automated generation of production documents for automation components (ratio 2 employees, ROI < 6 months).

Supply Chain SME in international group in the field of drive technology and robotics.
Successful implementation of an internal project “revision of the supplier network for cost savings of approx. 1.5 million € in 2008” for production parts with new suppliers in Eastern Europe.

Project management
Successful shortening of the delivery time by 8 weeks due to a first-time application of a virtual commissioning of a project for an OEM in China.

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